Principled Chiropractic Care

Dr. Tommy understands and believes the simple physiologic truth that there is no element that heals us from outside the body and when the core connection of brain, brain stem and spinal cord to every cell, tissue and organ is not compromised there is no limit to the human potential of any patient no matter their stage of life--infant, mother-to-be, professional athlete or senior. Every prospective patient that walks through the door at Dr. Tommy John Performance and Healing Center receives a definitive health history interview and is given a thorough chiropractic examination. The resulting findings guide Dr. Tommy to precisely identify any interference in the spine, (called a subluxation), that is preventing the body functioning at 100% of its potential.  A care plan is then created specifically to encompass all of the individual's chiropractic needs.


It is important to understand that an optimally functioning nervous system is the foundation of an individual's health and should be assessed before addressing other health factors. Sleep, body movements, sun exposure, breathing exercises, and real food nourishment cannot profoundly have an impact on the body's systems if the brain, brain stem and spinal cord are experiencing any type of pressure preventing a clear, open line of communication from brain to body and body back to the brain.  Regardless of what a new patient first presents with regarding pain or a previously diagnosed condition, that is no longer their identity with the Dr. Tommy John System of Rehab and Human Performance. This system identifies in regards to their respective diagnosis or symptom pattern the specific neurological, physical, and emotional conditions that are as unique to an individual as their fingerprint.


Identifying the Injury Fingerprint

The Dr. Tommy John System of Rehab and Human Performance specifically includes:


  • Principled, scientific, specific chiropractic care to locate the initial, critical level of neurological interference between brain and muscle as well as brain and other systems directly responsible for healing in circulatory, endocrine, and the ever-important immune system. 

  • Identification of the negative charges at the cellular level of the muscle which ultimately lead to compensating patterns of force absorption and damage to tissue not designed to absorb force like tendons, ligaments, fasciae, discs, bone and cartilage. 

  • Neurological/postural/muscle test diagnostic evaluation along with bilateral scales and digital, infrared thermographic analysis to measure each individuals' neurological integrity. 

  • Basic, fundamental, individualized training protocols utilizing the highest level of neurological input.  When the candidate has evolved and adapted to beginner levels of training they are eventually moved to a more advanced system of training utilizing bodyweight with the goal to restore the individual back to a postural and neuromuscular state they experienced at 3-4 years.  At this age we stood naturally in perfect posture with feet parallel, chin tucked, chest tall, arms along sides, breathing from the belly and able to squat perfectly. 

  • As ancillary additions to the system and not any less important are meditation, sun exposure parasympathetic breathing patterns and a focus on proper sleep/rest/naps--all integral to the eventual ultimate good health, healing and performance of each individual receiving care at Dr. Tommy John Performance and Healing Center.

Thermographic Infrared Spine Scan

Natural Healing Occurs From: