Stories Of Healing


Jim Ryan, CEO- (Achilles Tendonitis, Torn Rotator Cuff, Total Body Health)

"Tommy’s approach to health and recovery is to establish a strong skeletal and muscular foundation through regular chiropractic maintenance and complimentary physical training.  When injury occurs he will first work to establish root cause and then treat the source of the injury as opposed to treating the symptom.  In my experience the root cause often has been much different than what I expected which means treating areas where there are no symptoms but where root cause exists.  This process has been very helpful.  It is at the intersection of chiropractic medicine and personal training.  I started with this methodology after several doctors told me to stop running and limit skiing due to a bad back and chronic quad pain.  It turns out that advice was not well founded and I continue to train and compete.  Tommy’s process requires discipline, commitment and patients.  It has worked for me in recovering from symptoms that I have been trying to manage for 10 years.  It has also reduced the occurrence of injury while allowing me to enjoy a wide range of physical activities with few limitations." 

Charles Tillman, Carolina Panthers- (Sports Performance, Herniated Lumbar Disc, Degenerated Knee)


"Dr. Tommy has truly educated me and my body on how it should function properly.  I've gotten to learn, absorb and trust his principles in training, chiropractic and healing while working together over the last 9 years.  As a 13 year NFL veteran he has taught me how to train and take care of my body. When I follow the plan my body really responds well to his system. A true professional and scholar at his craft."

Sandy Schwab, Program Coordinator at College of Lake County- (TMJ, Total Body Health)


"I first consulted Dr. Tommy John for an issue with my jaw.  After being rear-ended in a car accident, I developed symptoms of TMJ.  Eventually it became so bad that I could barely open my mouth, I had major pain when chewing food and my bite itself became majorly misaligned.  After speaking with my dentist, an oral surgeon, an orthodontist and an oral maxillofacial surgeon and following two MRI’s, it was suggested that I had acute condylar resorption and complete jaw joint surgery was recommended.  

Desperate to avoid such a radical surgery that didn’t have a great success rate, I decided to contact Dr. Tommy John and he did far more than buy me time!  He has helped me to heal and have faith in the systems that are right inside my own body.  During the last year, I worked with Dr. Tommy John on chiropractic care and with specific training plans individualized for me.

By following the five basic principles Dr. Tommy John preaches and getting checked regularly for spinal interference, my condition has radically improved.  My pain is gone, my bite has realigned and my opening ratio is much better.  I’m glad I didn’t own the original diagnosis I was served with, because I was told that it could not be reversed.  

Thanks to Dr. Tommy John, I was able to heal myself and in the process, he helped me to build unexpected strength that will carry me successfully through the rest of my life!"

Katie Land, Tennis Player and Mother of 3 Boys- (Tennis Elbow, Chronic Sinusitis, Low Back Pain, Total Body Health)


"I had been an avid tennis player for many years until I suffered from a bad case of tennis elbow and muscle strains in my legs and back.  I tried many other therapies and treatments, including physical therapy, icing, cortisone, acupuncture and rest.  It wasn't until I started seeing Tommy that I began to see real results. His regimen of principled chiropractic, combined with rehab strength training had me back on the tennis court within just a few short months. I have never felt stronger or more fit in my life!  Also, prior to seeing Tommy for chiropractic care, I suffered from chronic sinusitis, and was taking strong antibiotics several times a year. I am proud to say that since I have been under his care, I have not had even one single sinus infection!!! That says a lot for principled chiropractic. 


I  have three boys who have also enjoyed Dr. Tommy's chiropractic care and strength training as well.  All three have had fewer colds and headaches since seeing him and my 14 year old says he is stronger than all his friends since training with Tommy."

Ani M. Consultant, Mother of 2 Teenagers- (Total Body Health)


"I started working with Dr. Tommy John as a runner looking to strengthen and become healthier in between competitions..  What I didn’t expect was that he would help me reach an entirely new level of health and fitness through his dynamite combination of chiropractic care, unique fitness program, and general nutrition knowledge.  My joints have never felt better, and I look and feel better than I ever have.  (Which is saying a lot in my late 40s!)  His enthusiasm for his work is apparent and makes your experience fun and interesting.  California is lucky to have him!"

Tom Fawcett, #1 Singles Stanford University- (Low Back Pain, Shoulder Pain)


"My dad introduced me to TJ last summer because I was having trouble with my shoulder and lower back.  Recognizing that each person has a unique injury fingerprint, Tommy evaluated my situation to come up with a protocol that would help me not only recover but also prepare me for avoiding injury in the future.  He gave me a series of simple exercises that I can do anywhere at anytime.  It was nice to find a simple, straightforward routine that I could follow every day given my hectic schedule. Tommy doesn't believe in any gimmicks or shortcuts.  He believes in identifying the cause of symptoms and addressing the cause.  His program is simple, but definitely not easy to do.  Most importantly, his program gets results."

Tamara Mannelly,

Co-Founder of

Exemplifying a clear nervous system and the importance of a strong posterior chain.

Romero Cavalcanti

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

86 Year-Old Multiple Sclerosis Patient

Couldn't walk without using a cane

Now marches unassisted!!! 

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